Our Story

Dalena Tripplet, the founder and CEO of Compliance Alliance worked as a carpenter in the San Diego area. This was until there was a death on the job site. From that moment on she has focused her entire career on safety, alerting workers to industry hazards and how they can protect themselves. She is very passionate about this industry and there is no one more dedicated to ensuring you will get the quality training your employees and families deserve. 

She earned her Professional Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health at the University of California, San Diego OSHA Outreach Training Center and University of Washington, OSHA Outreach Training Center 

She consistently realized the need to train for the objectives of bringing each project in safe with an excellent mod rate and minimal injuries. She has vastly expanded her career and managed multi-million dollar construction projects, striving always to exceed best-case safety expectations.

Meet the Founder


I’ve operated as a single operating Safety Department-Risk Manager responsible for an entire company safety program, for the General Contractor (GC) as a Regional Safety Risk Manager overseeing the Western Region (California, Washington, Nevada, Colorado and Arizona), and for contractors of all tiers for the sole purpose of compliance with the GC safety program and policy. Other of my responsibilities have included directing and leading a group of safety coordinators in each state, managing workers comp programs and claims, participating in pre-con meetings, developing, administering and updating policies, procedures and safety programs. I’ve routinely provided guidance to project managers, superintendents and subcontractors with regard to performing job site audits and job hazard analysis, motivating crews through education and training, tracking safety trends, close calls and near misses; understanding root cause and behavior based safety and also implementing safety incentive programs.